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Growth & development Coordinators 

A word from Russell and Norha:  

“With great prayer and expectation, we go onward into our new journeys, clinging onto the words of God and partnering with YOU, we will go out and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are the feet on the ground, You propel us, into danger, but under the cover of the Jesus and His followers. Your prayers are so very important to us. We could not do this without your financial and spiritual support.” 

They also have 3 amazing children:  Demytri, who serves with them in Honduras and two daughters Marysa and Thalia who are pursuing their dreams stateside. 

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About the MINISTRY....


A vital part of Hola Hope is developing healthy, indigenous churches.  Whether this be through new church plants in remote areas, or coming along struggling churches and providing support to help them become healthy-- church growth is a foundational pillar of Hola Hope's vision.

The Wells Family, alongside the ministry of Hola Hope, work to pastor in churches where a pastor has not yet been assigned, helping to sustain important systems for healthy church growth.   They work to develop new relationships in villages, paving the way for new church growth.  They shepherd the people locally providing training, and ministry support until new leaders are able to be raised up.


Growth without discipleship is like planting a seed and not providing water.  Russell and Norah work not only through training church leadership, but also through the programs of Living Free Ministries, to provide solid Biblical foundations needed to overcome life controlling problems.  Norah especially focus on working with women in abusive situations.  


The Wells Family received medical clearance and joined the Hola Hope Team

Work Experience





Began missionary career by attending language school in Costa Rica

Serving in Machala, a small city in the south of Ecuador. They were working in three locations/cities.They grew the children’s ministry in Pasaje from only three children to almost 70 kids, helping with education, teaching English and most importantly, bringing them hope through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The dawning of a new ministry in the capital city of Quito, Ecuador.  They served a local Church CEMAD, ministered to the locals, the broken hearted, the needy, the children of Ecuador, reached out with Prostitute Ministry, Urban Outreach, Medical Team, Construction Ministry, Medical Ministry and the list went on. 

Brought a new personal ministry. Norha was diagnosed with HER2+ Breast Cancer. God had HIS hand all over this ministry. A full year of chemo, multiple surgeries, and prayers from the saints to the Almighty has brought us through this. She is Cancer Free!  


You can make a donation directly to Russell & Norah  


AGWM Giving Account #2967099

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